WordPress & WooCommerce connectors

We create for you synchronized connections of WordPress webs and WooCommerce e-shops with accounting and warehouse systems, with systems CRM and ERP or courier services.

Plugins offer

WordPress & WooCommerce connections

Connect your WordPress web or WooCommerce e-shop with external systems – CRM systems, invoicing, warehousing and economic systems, courier service systems.

Regular updates

We monitor the development of the WordPress core and the WooCommerce plugin and regularly update our plugins as needed. The price of plugins includes their update for a period of 1 year.

Technical support

We provide extended technical support for the installation and setup of plugins, which you can order as part of the purchase of plugins for a period of 1 year.

Required requirements

When creating plugins, we make sure that they meet the requirements of their users and automate the processes between the WordPress website or the WooCommerce e-shop and external systems as much as possible.

Demo versions

We offer the possibility to order demo versions of plugins to test them for 30 days. Just add the plugins to the cart, fill in the order with the payment option “Demo version of plugins” and confirm the order.

What is WordPress & WooCommerce

WordPress is a website creation platform. WooCommerce is a plugin that adds e-shop functionality in WordPress. It offers a comprehensive solution for the ordering process, from placing the goods in the shopping cart to making the payment for the goods.

What is WordPress & WooCommerce Connector

WordPress & WooCommerce Connector is a plugin that provides connection of WordPress web or WooCommerce e-shop with other internal or external systems. The purpose of the connection is one-way or two-way synchronization of data between the web or the e-shop and the system, while the synchronization can take place once or at regular intervals.

Our connectors offer the possibility to connect your web or e-shop with systems to or from which you want to transfer data about goods, customers, orders or invoices. This automation will make it easier for you to manage and process orders from the e-shop. You do not have to manually enter the order data into your billing system or as a request for transport to the courier service. Our WordPress & WooCommerce connectors will do it for you.