WooCommerce CCS Connector

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WooCommerce CCS Connector is a plugin that synchronizes shipment data from the WooCommerce e-shop to the courier service portal City Courier Slovakia CCS at regular intervals. Orders for the transport of consignments will be automatically transferred from the e-shop to the CCS courier, you do not have to fill in the transport requirements manually. The plugin currently only supports transport within Bratislava.

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  • updates for the next year with a 30% discount
  • demo download enabled
  • current plugin version: 1.1.8

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WooCommerce CCS Connector allows you to transfer transport requests from your e-shop to the City Courier Slovakia (CCS) courier service portal once or at regular intervals. If the e-shop customer chooses the CCS courier service in his order, the WooCommerce CCS Connector plugin sends all the necessary information about the shipment to the CCS (consignee and his address, shipment weight, cash on delivery price) and you no longer have to fill in manually. a separate shipping order for CCS.

To deploy the WooCommerce CCS Connector:

1. With the City Courier Slovakia courier service, enter into a contract for the transport of your consignments. You will receive access to the CCS customer zone and request access to their REST API.

2. Buy and download the WooCommerce CCS Connector plugin from our e-shop wooconn.sk.

3. Install the purchased plugin in your WooCommerce e-shop (Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin) and activate it after installation.

4. Plugin settings can be found here: WooCommerce > Settings > CCS Connector tab.

5. Fill in all mandatory data – Purchase code (you will receive it after purchasing the plugin), access to the REST API CCS, data on delivery of shipments, CCS transport method defined in your e-shop, order status as a flag of orders sent for transport.

6. Schedule a time interval for sending transport requests to CCS – either at regular intervals or once a day. Example of setting up a sync scheduler: If you want all new shipping orders to be sent to CCS every day at 10:00 a.m., select “Once a day” from “Sync scheduler” and enter a value in “Exact sync time” 10.00.

One-time synchronization and logs

Part of the functionality of the plugin is also the manual execution of one-time synchronization, ie. in case you need to immediately send requests for the transport of all new orders from the e-shop, you will choose this option from the offer and have it executed.

Synchronization logs between the e-shop and the CCS API are displayed within the plugin interface.


WooCommerce CCS Connector nastavenie
Basic settings of the WooCommerce CCS Connector plugin


WooCommerce CCS Connector jednorazové akcie
Option to choose a one-time synchronization action to CCS


WooCommerce CCS Conenctor logy
View sync logs between e-shop and CCS API


WooCommerce CCS Connector portál
The CCS courier portal interface displays all transmitted transport requests


WordPress: 5.2+
WooCommerce: 4.2+
PHP: 7.2+

How to set up a cron job

For the WooCommerce CCS Connector to work properly, it is necessary to set up a “cron job” every 5 minutes. For more information on cron job setup options, see FAQ.

Video tutorial for configuration plugin

The demonstrations in the video tutorial simulate the transfer of data via one-time synchronization, which will not need to be performed after setting up the cron job call on the e-shop side. Cron job will perform synchronization automatically according to the selected time interval in the plugin settings.

Video tutorial for exporting requests for delivery