WooCommerce MK Soft Connector


WooCommerce MK Soft Connector is a plugin that two-way synchronizes data between WordPress WooCommerce e-shop and the economical MK soft system at regular intervals. Data on customers and orders are exported one way from WooCommerce to MK soft. In the opposite direction are imported data on products and categories. Orders are managed on the MK soft side, order statuses can be exported to the e-shop.

The price of the plugin includes an update and technical support for a period of 1 year.

Current plugin version: 1.0.1


MK soft is an economic system of MK-Soft, s.r.o. The system contains modules: simple and double-entry bookkeeping, payroll, warehousing and CRM. The warehouse can be expanded with additional modules.

Synchronization range provided by the WooCommerce MK Soft Connector

  • Transfer of customers from WooCommerce to MK soft.
  • Transfer of orders from WooCommerce to MK soft.
  • Transfer of basic data on products from MK soft to WooCommerce (product names, variants, sales prices, product numbers, number of pieces, categories).
  • Transfer of order statuses from MK soft to WooCommerce.

Set the synchronization time interval

Synchronization management takes place on the side of the MK soft system within the task scheduler, where it is possible to define a regular time interval or the exact synchronization time. More info Procedure for defining export/import in MK soft.

One-time synchronization

All regular data transfers can also be started once, manually in the MK soft system.

  • Import of all products and categories from MK soft to the e-shop. Existing products and categories are updated in the e-shop (names, prices, stock levels), new products are imported as drafts so that they can be edited in the e-shop (description, pictures) and finally published.
  • Export of all customers from the e-shop to MK soft. New customers are added, existing ones are updated. The export does not take place separately, but is part of the export of orders from the e-shop to MK soft.
  • Export of all new orders from the e-shop to MK soft. A successfully transferred order is assigned a date and time of synchronization, which is displayed in the e-shop in the list of orders and in the order detail, thanks to which you have an overview of which orders were successfully transferred.
  • Update order statuses. You manage orders in MK soft, changes to order statuses are manually exported to the e-shop.


Within the plugin interface, logs of synchronization between the e-shop and MK soft are displayed.

To deploy the WooCommerce MK Soft Connector:

1. Purchase the MK soft licence from company MK-Soft, s.r.o.

2. Buy and download the WooCommerce EcoSun OASIS Connector plugin from our e-shop wooconn.sk.

3. Install the purchased plugin in your WooCommerce e-shop (Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin) and activate it after installation.

4. You can find the plugin settings here: WooCommerce > Settings > EcoSun Connector tab.

5. Fill in all required fields:

6. Enter the identifiers (numerical designation) of the product groups from MK soft, into which the products are classified and which you want to import into the e-shop. Also enter identifiers for product group items through which product variants can be defined.

7. Enter the identifiers (PLU) of products from the MK soft price list, which you have defined as services, resp. as a mode of transport. The methods of transport from the e-shop must be interconnected by these identifiers from MK soft.


WooCommerce MK Soft Connector nastavenie
Basic settings of the WooCommerce MK Soft Connector plugin


Procedure for defining export/import in MK soft

After configuring the WooCommerce MK Soft Connector, it is necessary to configure the data export and import settings in the MK soft system.

1. Define all necessary connection URLs – open the connection URL section on this path in MK soft: Číselníky C > Ostatné > URL pripojenia and create these 3 new connections to your e-shop:

  • https://www.vasadomena.sk/wp-json/api/wc-mksoft-connector/import-products
  • https://www.vasadomena.sk/wp-json/api/wc-mksoft-connector/export-orders
  • https://www.vasadomena.sk/wp-json/api/wc-mksoft-connector/status-orders

2. Each connection URL must contain a unique code, description, and basic authentication. The login name and password of the basic authentication must match these data in the settings of the WooCommerce MK Soft Connector plugin in your e-shop.

3. After defining the connection URL, further define the export/import of data on this path: Systémové služby > Export / import údajov. Create these 2 new exports and imports:

  • WooCommerce – export of products to e-shop
    – Type: E-CENESHOP2
    – File format: MKS-XML2
    – Target folder: URL:ESHOP1
  • WooCommerce – import of orders from e-shop
    – Type: I-OPESHOP
    – File format: UNI-API
    – Import from file: URL:ESHOP2
    – Key field in pricelist: PLU
    – Overwrite existing order: check the box as needed
    – Processing of unknown items: D
    – Document type: select from the code list as required, for example OP
    – Warehouse: select a warehouse as needed

4. After defining the export and import of data, you can make regular calls to these tasks in the Task Scheduler on the go: Systémové služby > Plánovač úloh. In the Export / import tab, add the scheduled task, fill in all the necessary data (description, days and time of the task start) and in the Export / import item, select the relevant task that you created in point 3.

5. We recommend setting the import of products for every 60 minutes, for example, the export of orders for every 5 minutes. Due to the fact that the import of products performs the data processing of all products, it is necessary to take into account the longer run of the task, therefore it is necessary to consider how often it is necessary to update the products in your e-shop.

6. After adding tasks, activate the service to automatically run scheduled tasks.


MK soft URL pripojenia
Defining the URL of the connection to the e-shop in the MK soft system


MK soft export produktov
Creating an export of products to the e-shop in the MK soft system


MK soft import objednávok
Creating an import of orders from the e-shop in the MK soft system


MK soft plánovač úloh export produktov
Defining a scheduled task for exporting products to the e-shop within the task scheduler in the MK soft system


MK soft plánovač úloh import objednávok
Defining a scheduled task for importing orders from the e-shop within the task scheduler in the MK soft system


MK soft plánovač úloh
Task scheduler with scheduled tasks in the MK soft system


Plugin compatibility

WordPress: 5.4.0+
WooCommerce: 4.2.0+
PHP: 7.2+


Video tutorial for configuration of plugin

Video tutorial for importing products and categories

Video tutorial for export and updates of orders