WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector

239,00  VAT included (199,17  net of VAT)

WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector is a plugin that two-way synchronizes data between WordPress WooCommerce e-shop and corporate information system KROS Onix at regular intervals. One-way from WooCommerce to Onix, data on customers and orders are exported with the possibility of generating invoices. Data on products and their groups are imported in the opposite direction. The data is synchronized in both directions with a link to the stock, when the order is imported, the stock is deducted by the ordered quantity of products. Order management takes place on the Onix side.

  • the price of the plugin includes the updates for 1 year
  • updates for the next year with a 30% discount
  • demo download enabled
  • current plugin version: 1.0.6 (2022-07-12)

Extended licence order

The basic price of the plugin applies to 2 domains (subdomains). For multiple domains or subdomains, you can choose an extended license of your choice:

Extended technical support order

  • help with installing and configuring the plugin
  • answering technical questions
  • resolving reported bugs and issues


KROS Onix is ​​a comprehensive business information system of KROS. In addition to the warehouse, invoicing, ordering and accounting module, the system contains a number of other modules that you can use in your business. The KROS Onix system can be expanded with other accessories.

Sync range provided by the WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector plugin

  • Transfer of customers from WooCommerce to Onix.
  • Transfer of orders from WooCommerce to Onix with a link to stock with the possibility of automated generation of invoices.
  • Transfer of products (stock cards) from Onix to WooCommerce (product names and descriptions, sales prices, stock levels, product groups and other data).
  • Transfer of order statuses from Onix to WooCommerce.

Set the synchronization time interval

WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector allows you to define a regular synchronization time interval in various intervals (5 minutes and more), or once a day at a specific time. If necessary, we can add other options to the interval configuration.

One-time synchronization

Part of the functionality of the plugin is also the manual execution of one-time synchronization, ie. in case you need to transfer data from one system to another immediately, select the appropriate option from the menu and have it done.

  • Import of all products and their groups from Onix to the e-shop. Existing products and groups are updated in the e-shop (names, descriptions, prices, stock levels), new products are imported as drafts or as preset states defined in the plugin.
  • Import of only changed products and their groups from Onix to the e-shop. Existing products and groups are updated in the e-shop (names, descriptions, prices, stock levels), new products are imported as drafts or as preset states defined in the plugin.
  • Export of new orders from the e-shop to Onix. The successfully transferred order is assigned an order number from Onix in the e-shop. This number is displayed in the e-shop in the list of orders and in the order detail, thanks to which you have an overview of which orders have been successfully transferred. As part of the export of orders, it is possible to set up invoices to be automatically created from them in Onix.


Within the plugin interface, logs (records) of synchronization between the e-shop and the Onix REST API are displayed.

To deploy the WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector:

1. Purchase a license of the Onix system with activated Web API module from KROS. KROS employees will be happy to provide you with all important information together with the implementation of the Web API.

2. Buy and download our plugin WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector from the e-shop wooconn.sk.

3. Install the purchased plugin in your WooCommerce e-shop (Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin) and activate it after installation.

4. Plugin settings can be found here: WooCommerce > Settings > Onix Connector tab.

5. Fill in all required fields:

  • Purchase code – you will receive it after purchasing the plugin
  • Onix API URL – you can get it from the administrator of the server on which Onix is ​​running
  • Onix API token – you can obtain an authorization token according to these instructions
  • Absolútna cesta k databáze Onixu – you can get it according to these instructions
  • Synchronization scheduler – enter the synchronization time interval between your WooCommerce e-shop and the system Onix – either at regular intervals or once a day.
  • document type ID of the received orders, or document type ID of the issued invoices, if you can generate them in Onix

6. Define product sync settings – which key item to sync and other settings related to storage cards.

7. Set up synchronization of order and customer statuses as needed.


WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector nastavenie
Basic settings of the WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector plugin


WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector nastavenie produktov
Product settings – defining the method of synchronization of stock cards and their properties


WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector stavy objednávok
Setting order statuses – assigning statuses from Onix to statuses in the e-shop


WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector jednorazová synchronizácia
Option to choose a one-time synchronization action



WordPress: 5.2+
WooCommerce: 4.2+
PHP: 7.2+


How to set up a cron job

For the WooCommerce KROS Onix Connector to work properly, it is necessary to set up a “cron job” every 5 minutes. For more information on cron job setup options, see FAQ.

Video tutorial for configuration of plugin

The demonstrations in the video tutorial simulate the transfer of data via one-time synchronization, which will not need to be performed after setting up the cron job call on the e-shop side. Cron job will perform synchronization automatically according to the selected time interval in the plugin settings.

Video tutorial for importing products

Video tutorial for exporting orders and creating invoices