WooCommerce KROS Omega Connector

In Omega, the stock item does not deduct stock status

Issue: When receiving an order or invoice in Omega (transferred from the e-shop), it may happen that although the products (stock cards) between the e-shop and Omega are paired (ie the catalog number in the e-shop matches the card number or other key item in Omege), but the product in the order or invoice is not of the “From stock” type, but is of the “Other” type.

Cause: Omega writes the product in the order or invoice with the item type “From stock” only if it can identify the product, resp. finds the given product among stock cards on the basis of matching criteria. If the product is not found, it writes the product to orders or invoices as a non-stock item with the type “Other”. It is not possible to perform stock movements on “Other” items. It may happen that the card number in Omega matches the catalog number in the e-shop, but the card name may be slightly different in the eshop than in Omega (or the card name may contain a special character that may have been incorrectly converted during synchronization).

Solution: In Omega (Firma > Nastavenie > Všeobecné nastavenia > Prechod/Import/Eshop) make sure that you have stock card pairing set up only according to the required key item. We recommend that you do not pair cards by card name.

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