WooCommerce MK Soft Connector

The request sent from MK soft does not arrive in the e-shop

Issue: Even if in the definition of the automatic task in MK soft and in the settings of the e-shop plugin you have entered the correct and identical REST API login data (MK soft login name, MK soft password), a situation may arise that the synchronization between MK soft and e-shop does not work at all and there is no record of incoming request from MK soft in the logs of the e-shop plugin.

Cause: If the request from MK soft does not arrive in the e-shop, while no error is displayed when the automatic task is started in MK soft, the communication between the systems may be blocked by the restriction of receiving the request on the e-shop’s side, or web server.


1. On the e-shop page, check the settings of the security plugin that you have installed and active in the e-shop, whether the REST API call is enabled. If enabled, check that REST API request processing is not limited to the IP addresses of the request sender. If you have set a restriction on IP addresses for security reasons, add the IP address of the PC or server from which MK soft sends requests to the e-shop to the whitelist of IP addresses.

2. Some web hostings with pre-installed WordPress implicitly require active WP functionality “Application Passwords” and thus can block requests coming to the REST API. If this functionality is not deactivated in the e-shop (e.g. via the security plugin), you can use the plugin Disable Application Passwords, or simply add this filter hook to the functions.php file in your e-shop template:

add_filter( 'wp_is_application_passwords_available', '__return_false' );

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