WPForms FLOWii Connector

99,00  VAT included (82,50  net of VAT)

WPForms FLOWii Connector is a plugin that allows you to send data from WordPress WPForms forms to the internet application FLOWii. The submitted data will create a new partner in FLOWii in the Partners section. In addition, the plugin can create a task for the partner with the possibility of defining the date of its equipment.

  • the price of the plugin includes the updates for 1 year
  • updates for the next year with a 30% discount
  • demo download enabled
  • current plugin version: 1.0.4

License order *

The basic price of the plugin applies to 1 (sub)domain. For several (sub)domains, you can choose a price-advantaged license variant:

Extended technical support order

  • help with installing and configuring the plugin
  • answering technical questions
  • resolving reported bugs and issues

FLOWii is a comprehensive internet application with which you can effectively manage your company. It consists of several solutions – CRM, order management, project management, tanosk management, invoicing, revenue and expenditure records, warehousing, employee attendance records.

Sync range provided by the WPForms FLOWii Connector

  • Transfer data from WordPress WPForms forms to FLOWii (Partners section).
  • Possibility to send data from several implemented forms.
  • Detection of an existing partner in FLOWii based on e-mail address, the plugin does not create duplicate partner records.
  • Creating a task for a partner in FLOWii (section Tasks).

To deploy the WPForms FLOWii Connector:

1. Purchase the required application license FLOWii.

2. Buy and download the WPForms FLOWii Connector plugin from our e-shop wooconn.sk.

3. Install the purchased plugin in your WordPress web (Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin) and activate it after installation.

4. Plugin settings can be found here: Settings > WPForms FLOWii Connector.

5. Fill in all required fields:

  • Purchase code – you will receive it after purchasing the plugin
  • Login e-mail and password to FLOWii – data from your registration to FLOWii
  • FLOWii API key – you can get it according to these návodu

6. After saving the changes, the connection of your web with FLOWii will be established and verified. If the connection is successful, it will offer you to choose the type of partner under which the data from the forms should be transferred to FLOWii in the Partners section.

7. In the Form settings tab, enter the system tags for the individual fields that you have defined in your forms via the WPForms plugin. Please separate several tags with a comma.

8. If you also want to create tasks for a partner in FLOWii, enable this option in the Task settings tab and enter the name of the task, its description, the equipment date and the category under which the task will be written.


WPForms FLOWii Connector nastavenie
Basic settings of the WPForms FLOWii Connector plugin


WPForms FLOWii Connector formuláre
Forms settings – an example of defining form items transferred to FLOWii


WPForms FLOWii Connector úlohy
Creating tasks – an example of defining a task that will be created in FLOWii to a partner



WordPress: 5.2+
PHP: 7.2+