WooCommerce Pohoda Exporter

79,00  VAT included (65,83  net of VAT)

WooCommerce Pohoda Exporter is a plugin that allows you to manually generate orders from the WordPress WooCommerce e-shop and then import them as invoices into the Pohoda.

For fully automated synchronization of the e-shop with Pohoda, you can use the plugin WooCommerce Pohoda Connector.

  • the price of the plugin includes the updates for 1 year
  • updates for the next year with a 30% discount
  • demo download enabled
  • current plugin version: 1.0.3 (2024-05-18, Changelog, DIY sync)

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The basic price of the plugin applies to 1 (sub)domain. For several (sub)domains, you can choose a price-advantaged license variant:

Extended technical support order

  • help with installing and configuring the plugin
  • answering technical questions
  • resolving reported bugs and issues

Pohoda is a complex economic system of the company STORMWARE, s.r.o. to manage accounting, warehousing, property, payroll and other agendas and to manage the company.

Scope of WooCommerce Pohoda Exporter plugin functionality

  • Manual export of orders from WooCommerce to XML format for their import into the agenda of issued invoices in Pohoda.
  • Automatic conversion of foreign currency to base currency in imported invoices to Pohoda according to the current ECB (EUR) or CNB (CZK) exchange rate.
  • Option to choose the range of order export generation according to dates, order numbers and order statuses.
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce plugins for generating invoices in the e-shop (Invoices for WooCommerce, WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips).


Logs (records) of all performed exports to Pohoda are displayed within the plugin interface.

How to deploy the WooCommerce Pohoda Exporter plugin and how to use it:

1. Buy and download the WooCommerce Pohoda Exporter plugin from our e-shop wooconn.sk.

2. Install the purchased plugin in your WordPress web (Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin) and activate it after installation.

3. Plugin settings can be found here: WooCommerce > Pohoda Exporter.

4. Fill in all required fields:

  • Purchase code – you will receive it after purchasing the plugin
  • ID number of the accounting unit in Pohoda

5. After verifying the purchase code, go to the Invoices tab and enter all the necessary and requested data for generating XML with invoices.

6. Go to the Export tab, where you select the scope of export of orders and click the Generate export button.

7. You import the generated XML output directly into Pohoda, or forward it to your accountant for the purpose of import.

Import procedure into Pohoda:

1. In the Pohoda system, open “File” > “Data communication” > “XML import/export”.

2. Insert the generated XML file from our plugin into the open dialog box and click the “Next” button.

3. In the next step, click the “Next” button.

4. Subsequently, the result of the import processing will be displayed.


WooCommerce Pohoda Exporter configuration
Basic configuration of the WooCommerce Pohoda Exporter plugin


WooCommerce Pohoda Exporter setting up invoices
Setting up the generation of invoices for Pohoda


WooCommerce Pohoda Exporter export to XML
Export of orders from the e-shop to XML as an import source of invoices to Pohoda


WooCommerce Pohoda Exporter import XML to Pohoda
Import XML output from the e-shop into Pohoda



WordPress: 5.2+
WooCommerce: 4.2+
PHP: 7.2+