WooCommerce FLOWii Connector

Frequent message “ERROR FLOWii Connector >>> Invalid credentials.”

Issue: If you run a one-time sync multiple times in one short period of time, or frequently make changes to plugin settings (or click through the plugin tabs), you may find that even though you have entered the correct credentials, unexpected message “ERROR FLOWii Connector >>> Incorrect credentials.”.

Cause: Cause: This situation occurs especially if the plugin sends too many requests to the FLOWii API in a short time and the quota of the maximum number of requests processed by the FLOWii API is exceeded. As the plugin retrieves all the necessary data from FLOWia “on demand”, if the data is too large and processed, the quota may be temporarily exceeded.
Another cause of the message may be a temporary outage of the FLOWii API.

Solution: Quota is not exceeded during regular synchronization because processes are optimized and run with a time delay. For a one-time sync that you run manually in the plug-in, or if you frequently change the plug-in settings, we recommend that you wait approximately 1 minute for the next number of API requests to reset.

In FLOWii, the stock item does not deduct the stock status

Isseu: When an order is received in FLOWia (the order was transferred from the e-shop), it may happen that the products (stock items) between the e-shop and FLOWii are paired (ie the catalog number in the e-shop matches the number of goods in FLOWii) , but the product in the order is registered as a non-stock item, ie its stock is not deducted.

Cause: In order for a product in an order to be registered in FLOWii as a stock item, the FLOWii API needs to know the internal product ID. This internal ID (we can perceive it as a “hidden field”) is not visible to the FLOWii user, and if this ID is not present in the synchronized order from the e-shop, FLOWii will evaluate the product as a non-stock item.

Solution: In order for the plugin to be able to store internal FLOWii product IDs, it must first synchronize FLOWii products to the e-shop. For new products that are not in the e-shop, the internal ID is entered immediately. For existing products that have the same catalog number in the e-shop as the FLOWii product number, the internal ID is entered as an added entry. This synchronization can be run in the plug-in manually as a one-time, or you can run this process as part of a regular synchronization.

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